#1,880 Violet + False Spring February.

Okay, finally finally FINALLY.

I can tell y’all what all the top super secret stuff happening back in December (like this and this) was all about!

Back in November, the last day we were filming the sizzle, I got an email from Smilebox, a company owned by the former CEO of American Greetings, inviting me to get in on the ground floor of a team of design professionals building a collection for a website unlike anything that exists in the wedding industry. This website would be called Violet, launching this winter, which would be kind of like if Beholden, Pandora and Pinterest had a baby that would thoughfully design and curate every element of your beautiful wedding, beginning to end. In less than two weeks in December, I designed an entirely new collection exclusively for Violet (well, 8 new suites) that reflect vintage, rustic, and classic themes. I’ve been so excited for this baby to be born, and I’m so very proud to show her off to y’all.

Meet Violet!

My designs include: Fifth Avenue, In Full Bloom, Timeless Romance, Natural Beauty, Garden Party, Fitzgerald, Homespun Affair, and Chantilly Lace. In the next day or so, these invitation suites will all be available on the Lucky Luxe website. I can’t believe it’s finally here!

In other news, it was 75 degrees outside today. And it was splendid. I bared my lily white February legs to the world. Doesn’t matter, cause I didn’t leave the shop in the daylight so no one even saw them.

Also, Ben delivered Mammaw’s Whitman’s Sampler Valentine, as he always does for her birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day, because my grandfather did their entire marriage. It’s precious and it makes my heart feel like it may burst.

It’s a good man I married.