#1,896 Tews Are Moving.

Today our friends Ross and Laura made an offer on a house here in the historic district and the offer was accepted… Which means they’re gonna be our neighbors! I’m so so excited. Even though they’re only moving from a neighborhood on the north side of town about 3 miles away, when you live in a town as small as Laurel, those 3 miles might as well be 30 if it’s not in our daily walking radius of home, the studio, the park, the church, and Jim and Mal’s.

I wish I had a photo to show you of the old 1920s foursquare they’re moving into. It’s in great shape with parts that have been recently renovated, but lots that can still be renovated to put their personalities into. There’s even a future pottery studio with a fireplace and a kiln room in the backyard beside their garage. How perfect?