#1,909 Mal Pal’s 29th.

With such rainy weather (that’s here for the entire week—which I really love) and Mallorie’s birthday today, it seemed the perfect time to get lost in Southern Antiques for a little while in search of a birthday present.

Inside my favorite shop on Central Avenue you can find just about anything you could ever want. Beautiful things, old things, smell good things, and the tiniest little book store that specializes in local topics and authors, children’s classics and fun educational books, and fiction best sellers.

But best of all, I found one of the prized Laurel Machine and Foundry skillets to add to her soon-to-be gallery wall of cast iron in her kitchen.

Pal has joined me in year 29. So thankful for her, for the way she became family the day she met Jim, the way she never hesitates to care for our grandmother just like she’s her own, for the patient and loving mama she is to Lucy, and most of all—for being the sister I never had. We’re two birds of a white-sofa’d and kitchened and Rice Krispy Treated feather.

P.S. I’m so overwhelmed and encouraged by all your comments on yesterday’s post. How lucky are all of us to have been loved by wonderful grandmothers?