#1,915 Meeting Micah.

Today after 2 years of friendship via email, text and Instagram, and a new business collaboration in recent months, we finally met Micah from Old Try in person. I know I’ve talked about this so much in the past–what a wonder modern technology is that can make people who’ve never met in person feel as familiar as an old friend the first time they finally shake hands.

We spent the afternoon in Oxford on the balcony of Square Books talking about ideas for future collaborations with our businesses and tomorrow we will be speaking to the art department.

It’s exciting when you idolize a business or an artist for so long and then one day, somehow, by some impossibility, your former professors consider you to be colleagues. Peers. And tonight my favorite professor of all time, Ginny (and her husband Ashley who was my amazing pottery teacher one semester) took us out to eat at City Grocery. Like real, visiting artists. 
There’s no way Lucky Luxe is on Old Try’s level, but it’s fun to pretend. Fake it till you make it, y’all.