#1,935 Quiet Easter.

Since Clark, Amanda and John Walker took a weekend trip and daddy went to church with Mammaw at her new “house” (they have Sunday morning services in the dining room every week), mama came to church with Ben and I today, which was a really special treat for me.

I’ve missed having my parents at church since I became a Methodist, but once in a while they come along for a special service. And today was really special—with a brass orchestra and handbells and the choir leading worship. I was the liturgist with the most nerve wracking seat in the house.

Afterward, we met daddy and Mammaw at my parents’ house for mama’s famous chicken, sausage and shrimp gumbo, then we drove her back home to ComfortCare in town. When we got there, she wanted to sit a while rocking on the front porch, which we of course obliged.

It felt so much like it always has. Like our afternoons on her back porch in the country, only the setting has changed. It makes my heart swell to know how well she’s doing here. Soon, dark clouds began to creep in and she (and we) were ready for a nap.

We went home and drew the curtains and fell deep asleep for 2 hours. I hardly ever nap like that. The rain was falling when we woke up, and the rest of the day was spent just like this.

Happy Easter, dear reader. I hope yours was spent with the people you love celebrating the One who loves us most of all.