#1,940 Non-Rainy Day.

It was supposed to rain and storm all day today. But instead:

Surprisingly, there was a lot of work talk on our vacation day, and a lot of list making for things that need to get done in the coming months. It was somehow productive on top of a 3rd degree sunburn (I know—I’m going to try to do better from here on out!).

And then as night was falling, we sat out by the docks and I daydreamed about that white cottage across the way (going on since 7th grade) while Ben cooked dinner and my parents drove up just as the steaks were coming off the grill.

After dinner we sat out on the balcony.

I was wrapped up in a blanket and the rain was falling and we listened and laughed while daddy told us stories and gave us (very good, as always) business advice (“Praying for guidance and wisdom from the Lord is the best you can do.”) and told us why he had to marry mama (“She was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen and she was so smart—she made straight A’s without trying, and I knew I’d never find anyone who would raise good babies like she would. I had to marry her!”) and I felt so very thankful for family and for a weekend with just them.