#1,939 Signs + Headed South.

First of all, I’m sorry I haven’t taken a good photo of the new front yard yet. It’s inexcusable, I know! Give me a few days and I’ll show you our tiny plants and the multitude of new mulch.

Second, the new signs I designed for Jim and Mallorie’s building were installed today and it was so exciting to see! This means the long dreamed-about Downtown Laurel Welcome Center is finally REAL and resides inside the 1910 cornerstone of the city. Don’t you love history?

And before too much longer, our friends Lauren and Ben are opening Jones Toffee Co. in the welcome center. They’re both California transplants to Laurel and she was a finalist chef on season 1 of The Taste on ABC a couple years ago. Her famous candy is a pistachio brittle with a dash of cayenne pepper, but my favorite candies she makes are the maple bourbon pecan toffee and toasted coconut toffee. Their website will be taking online orders soon, too. Ahhhhh! So much is happening!

In other news, after we finished up our work today we packed our bags and threw them in the truck and headed south to Orange Beach. We haven’t been since September’s friendcation, which is a long time considering how close-ish we live to the beach. Life just has a way of getting between here and there most of the time. But not today.

Tomorrow my parents will join us and tonight I’m in my childhood beach home with the doors open. I smell the salty air and see the lights on the pier reflecting on the water. It’s going to rain all weekend while we work on some last minute tax stuff, but I don’t care. Life is beachy.

We’re as bewildered as anyone by it, but by some fortune, today Ben and I signed papers that mean we have an agent and are represented by Creative Artists Agency. Which means our lowly, insignificant names are in a database of clients somewhere along with Tom Hanks and Drew Barrymore. They represented James Gandolfini, too. You know my feelings about that. This seems like one of those things I should document no matter how cheesy and starstruck I’m being, right?!