#1,938 Walker Visit + So Far As It Depends.

This morning I met up with Walker and mama at Mammaw’s and she was, as always, thrilled to see him. I wasn’t fast enough to photograph it when he toddle-ran straight to her, with his big, moony grin, arms oustretched for a hug, and her peals of laughter when he did. It was the most precious thing I saw today.

Then tonight at church our class picked up with our weekly discussion series where we’ve all put questions into a jar and draw one out each week and we each take turns researching that question and discussing the answers and thoughts we find the next week. Tonight was our talented artist friend Laura’s turn to lead class. Last week, the question drawn was not a question all, just “Romans 12:18”. She made 20 hand painted watercolor prints, each one different from the next, the size of a photograph to keep as a reminder after our (in-depth) discussion and I’m so crazy about mine:

It’s a hard command to obey sometimes, isn’t it?

I got a beautiful extra print that I’m sending to one special reader tonight. Check your mailbox, friends!