#1,961 Fixed It + Aprons + Guitar.

First of all… I was so touched by you sweet people who reached out today, worried that something is wrong, or thinking I’m not blogging at all for the next 2 months. Absolutely nothing is wrong, in fact something really wonderful is going to be occupying my time for a little while. I’m not going anywhere, I’m just not going to be able to write about all the things I really want to for a bit, so there are going to be some pretty boring posts in the days ahead. Bear with me! I’ll still have the (riveting!) news from tiny Laurel, Mississippi every single day as you’ve grown accustomed to over the last 5 years.

Next up, I can never pick on Ben again for dropping/breaking/losing his phone ever again. For the first time ever, I dropped my phone and shattered the screen on Saturday. It was a spiderweb of broken glass falling out little by little in glittery razor sharp shreds, and I was instantly reminded of this guy:

You see, not one of the best things that day—thus unmentioned here. The great news is I found a place in Laurel that could repair it in 30 minutes and now it’s like brand new. Woo!

Also, a couple more protoypes came in today for the online shops! Surprisingly, all our dude friends on facebook are really excited to finally have a man apron to do manly things in like build stuff, print stuff, grill stuff, etc. I’m so excited to keep working on these until they’re perfected!

And for the first time in a year, I picked on my guitar for a little while tonight on Jim and Mal’s new brick patio overlooking Gardiner Park. I was so rusty, but if you don’t use it you lose it, right? It was time. Ben gets REALLY REALLY REALLY happy about it when I get musical and records it with a big goofy (totally cute) grin on his face, so that’s almost enough to make me play more often.