#1,962 Double Run.

Well I got up super early (7:00!) and went running.

And after staying late at work, while Ben went to play basketball I went for another run! WHAT?!

I mean, it was 5 miles total. Not a big deal, I know. But it’s big for me. I normally don’t take the time out of my day for that but I’m trying. I will never know how some people actually love getting up early to exercise. I wish I did.

Your comments about my singing and playing were so so kind. It’s been a while since I last played a show, but you can watch the videos from that here.

I just stumbled upon this old blog from last summer and it made me smile deep down in my heart to read your precious comments and to remember that day—when incidentally, so much changed for me and Ben just a few hours after feeling so much hurt. I’ll tell you all about that in a few months though. It’ll all come together in a good story when this particular little snpashot from our life is finished developing.