#1,967 Summery Sunday.

We spent the afternoon poolside at Josh and Emily’s and although it was scorching hot already, it was really kind of paradise. There was much cannonballing and book reading.

And then we went over to mama’s for a little Mother’s Day dinner on their porch—with a delicious meal all prepared 100% by daddy: grilled sausage, fish and chicken with roasted asparagus, squash, onions, peppers and mushrooms. Well, mama made brownies. And pasta salad. But that’s all! It was a treat to eat in the shade of the pine trees and take a short walk around the lake.

Mama and I didn’t even snap a picture together, but hey—this one from Mother’s Day 2011 with my long hair will do.

I love you so much, Kare Bear. All the wheels would fall off our wagons without you.