#1,983 Flat Ellie.

So a few weeks ago, our niece Ellie sent us her custom version of Flat Stanley for her class project—Flat Ellie. And we took some really fun pictures with her around Laurel, because you then send her back with a story about where Flat Ellie went and what she saw, and then she can be mailed off to her next destination. So, the bummer of it is…

We somehow lost Flat Ellie. I have no idea how. We just saw her a couple days ago. And now, she’s nowhere to be found. And she’s past due to get in the mail to her next stop… And this morning we were in panic mode looking for her. She will probably turn up a month from now in the deep freeze or something. So, we did what any moderately craft and creative aunt and uncle would do. I went to Walmart and bought the supplies, and uncle Ben used the parts to make a new one.

Here’s old Ellie (after we lost her top button—oops).

Here’s new Ellie.

Not too shabby for an uncle. Thanks, Elmer’s Glue-All!