#1,986 Scotsman Plans + The Copper Bin.

We’ve been hard at work today firming up the plans for inventory for Scotsman Co. and suddenly, it’s feeling less like Ben’s dream and more like a blueprint. The furniture he’s designing and building are very solid, early American and po-folk Southern inspired if you can imagine that, made from reclaimed sources and found wood. Each piece will be the anchor of the room it lives in, imperfect, worn, loved, and sturdy with antique hardware. We’re building the modest inventory list and the website and hopefully launching this fall. I really hope y’all will see his personality in it all and will love it the way I do. It’s terrifying, starting another business, but also—I’m not sure how to remain static. Staying the same feels both comforting and uncomfortable to me. If we’re not thinking of something new, we’re not learning, we’re not growing, it feels like… Well, what’s the point of a life that never changes?

I find myself feeling like I want to hold tight to each season of life and stay in it forever, after the fact. I wonder why life can’t just be nice and easy and stay that way forever with Lucky Luxe putting bread on the table just like it is right now, without the effort to create something new?

I’m learning it’s not possible to have it both ways—to change and stay the same. God has given us the notion, we’ve prayed for His guidance, the things we need are appearing day by day, and that’s affirmation. So, let’s go all in and see what happens. Right?

Via Pinterest

Found a cool antique copper bin for umbrellas in the entryway, so I can finally give mama’s brass one back after stealing it 4 years ago. Thanks for the loan!