#11 Vintage = better.

(actual vintage linen postcard found via Flickr)

Today, I found the love-of-my-life printer that will from this day forward be printing the Lucky Luxe collection of vintage postcards. In the past I was having them printed on plain old boring cardstock, but as of today we’re going all linen, baby! YAY! Forgive me for being so excited, it’s just that I’ve been looking for the right printer to take on these jobs for my sweet clients for a very long time. If you check out your grandparents’ WWII era correspondence you’ll see what I mean. There’s just something about that nostalgic printing (there are few other things that I deem acceptable to be printed on linen — linen business cards should have died in the 90s) that I swoon for everytime. Gosh I love paper.(actual Lucky Luxe design just waiting to be printed!)