#119 Workin’ from home. Or wherever.

I know I’ve said it before — how thankful I am that I get to do what I honestly love for a living. Better still is the fact that I can do it wherever I am (except in a car because I REFUSE to get the internet on my phone. Everyone deserves to disconnect sometimes!), whenever I want as long as my iMac can come too.
Today I took on 4 new orders, finished 5 new proofs, finished creating a new banner ad for 100 Layer Cake, worked on some things for Rebecca’s wedding (I can’t believe it’s Saturday!) all from here:
(Ben’s parents’ formal living room. They even set up a makeshift desk for me!)

Then I helped clean up our car, cooked macaroni and cheese and hung out with Ben and his brothers for a little while. It was a day well-spent. I am so very thankful.