#120 La Vie en Rose.

We love weddings. Josh and Rebecca are getting married tomorrow and all day, we’ve just been lovey dovey for no particular reason… Weddings do that to Ben and I. The man loves weddings. Maybe it feels like we’re in some secret club that they’re about to join, like we’re all pumped that someone else will get to feel the way we do, to share everything. When we were heading out the door to the rehearsal, I was feeling a little less than put together, like my dress was kind of tired and my hair a little flat on the left side (always!), but when I got in the car and was buckling my seatbelt, Ben slid his Ray-Bans down his nose and told me: “you are a knockout.” I swear I forgot about the loose threads at the hem, the little stain on my linen high heels. The minute we stepped out of the car at the church, he took my hand while we walked and never let it go all night long. He told me tonight that he was crazy about me, that I still made him feel dizzy when we kiss. We drove back to his parents’ house around 1 o’clock this morning, down the same highway we used to travel when we were brand new and visiting them from school. I thought after we graduated and his parents moved further south, we might never see that stretch of road again and it felt good to pretend to be in that time again. We listened to Louis Armstrong’s La Vie En Rose, and with heavy eyes, I drifted in and out of sleep while Ben rubbed the top of my hand with his thumb. I love him. I can’t wait for Josh and Rebecca to join the club.