#121 Mr. and Mrs. Rorie.

(The Rories!)

Despite completely rude and nasty weather, Josh and Rebecca were married today and we had the best time all being together again. I miss Jennifer who always has had the gift of saying exactly what everyone else is thinking, her husband Benji, the only guy I know who can rival my Ben’s kiddish silliness, and Josh & Rebecca, two of the most loyal friends you could ever ask for (the first people to befriend us at Ole Miss). It’s been a long time since we were all together, and I hope someone (one of them) has babies soon so we’ll have another reason to throw a party and get together. I hate the way working keeps us apart for so long, but I guess that’s just the way it is when college is over. At least Mal Gal is still next door if I ever need to borrow bobby pins, a cute jacket or a cup of milk.

(me and Jennifer)

(“Y’all pick her up for this picture. It’ll be real cute.”)

(Mal, Rebecca, Me and Jennifer)

Welcome to the club, Rories!