#133 IPPY Award.

(Actually, you can click here to read about it on Amazon.com)

In case y’all didn’t know, I’m very proud of my mama. She’s a brilliant writer and today she got a letter saying she won the gold in the 2010 Independent Publisher awards for her book Travelers in Search of Vacancy! More specifically, she won gold for best non-fiction in the south (and you and I both know that southern writers are the best in the world). She and I are too much alike — the moment something good comes her way she doubts herself: “I bet they didn’t read it. How could they have read all 3,900 of the books that were entered?” I choose to believe they read every word and laughed and cried until their sides hurt and had a big meeting with all these important book judges and the one who read hers stood up and said “the publishing world would be remiss if we neglect to award this woman the gold.” I just know that’s how it happened.

(She’ll get one of these and gold seals for her books soon.)

Anyway, only 300 books out of those 3,900 won any recognition and mama’s won the gold! If you see her, tell her you heard. It’ll make her day!