#163 Best. Toast. Ever.

You ever had homemade sourdough bread? I knew when I gave the loaf a little mash at the farmer’s market yesterday that we were in for a treat.
This morning, the boy got up and sliced it and made us THE best toast I’ve ever tasted.
I know I know — you’re thinking “It’s just toast. Toast is toast,” but you are wrong. And in case you’ve been making toast the gross way your whole life, around here we slather the (real) butter on first, then stick it in the toaster oven, and once that butter soaks in and makes the bread something really crispy on the edges and soggy in the middle and deliciously bad for you, we take it out while it’s hot and slather it in jam. This jam, to be precise.
I was forming a “wow” here. Cut me some slack!
This bread was so so impossibly soft in the center and for the first time I think I really tasted the breadiness of a piece of toast. Mmmmm… I’m gonna go to bed now so I can wake up and do it again.