#162 Date night.

It’s been a while. We’re so busy with being busy everyday and every night, with working and church and family and laundry, so going on a date always gets pushed down on the list of priorities. Tonight we went on the sort of dates we loved at Jones — dinner in Hattiesburg, nothing expensive or fancy, shopping at the mall, dessert (for Ben), then home. Tonight we had Mexican, went shopping then got dessert (for Ben)… And it feels like we’ve been on a mini-vacation. It felt so sweet and good to hold his hand and consider the floral blouse for about 30 seconds, move on to the sandals, the flannel shirt (on sale) for him, to remember what it felt like in college to want things so badly but not be able to afford them, and now to know we could. We’ve built a sweet little life together so far. I am still so proud to walk hand-in-hand with him. Now, I think I’ll cozy up beside him on just-washed bedsheets and watch TV in the dark while sleep closes in. Goodnight, readers.