#161 Steve, Seth and Emily.

They’re here! Mae Mae’s son, Steve and his two darling children, Seth and Emily are here from Missouri for a few days so we had a big cookout to celebrate at Aunt Phyllis’ house. These kids = awesome. They’re SO loving and sweet and polite and they’ve always been that way. Every time I hear they’re coming into town I hold my breath, afraid that each year when I see them they will have changed. I’m forever expecting them to get into that negative, moody teenager phase but so far it’s not happening. They’re not too cool to hug me and be really excited about their birthday presents. Yay! You can meet some of the fam, but Steve was dodging my camera like crazy. He didn’t make it into one single shot. Ugh.
(Emily, me and Seth. He’s a basketball star at his high school. Doesn’t he look like he would be? He schooled Ben in a game tonight. Oops. Emily only gets cooler, smarter and sweeter as she gets older. I can’t wait to see what kind of woman she becomes.)

(Some of my family: me, Ben, mama and Isaac, mama’s sisters Aunt Phyllis and Aunt Mae Mae, Seth & Emily)

(Since we only get to see them once a year, we gave them both their birthday presents. I LOVE the Vera Bradley purse mama got for Emily.)

(How great are those floors? Wait a sec.. this looks kinda dangerous. Like a concussion waiting to happen.)

(Sharing the rotel. Yummmm…)

I really really hate that we don’t see them more often because it’s always so much fun when we do. We’re all working hard on Mae to just break down and get a computer so she can see everybody on facebook, but I don’t think she’s quite ready for the interweb.