#174 Moving day.

Most of my family is Baptist so they really can’t wrap their brains around the nomadic lifestyles of United Methodist elders and their families. Every few years, around the end of June, ministers all over the world are itinerated to new churches. This year, Ben’s family was up for the move and today they arrived at their new house on the coast. Totally by coincidence, they’ll be at his brother Sam’s church now, and 2 hours from where we live. We went down to help out where we could. I mostly stood around and moved spices around on the shelves. I don’t know what Ben did but he was sweaty when we left. I’m really going to miss going north to visit them since that’s the only way it’s ever been. I guess this is just part of growing up. Ben and his brothers are used to it.
(Their new house has the most gorgeous live oak that’s got to be at least 200 years old growing in the front yard.)

(The church is literally across the yard. This is their first true blue next-door parsonage.)

(Not sure what the logic in crazy hair was.)