#179 Cool snap.

It was only for a few hours tonight, but we got the tiniest taste of fall when a rain cloud blew in with temperatures in the low 80s — a respite from the 100 degree temperatures we’ve been experiencing day after day. I hate to rush the seasons every time (I wanted to rush into spring if you recall my posts in January), but it’s the in-between that I love so much. I am perpetually in pursuit of fall with spring coming in a close second. I am already fantasizing about football season in Oxford, throwing open the windows to cool a hot apple pie out of my oven, pumpkin spice bubble baths at bedtime, fall parties in the park below our window and bonfires in the country, riding in our convertible with the top down, Damien Rice on the radio and long sleeves on my arms. In fact, we took a long drive in the Beetle on our way back to town tonight and listened to our fall mix. I am so excited for what’s to come. Oh boy. Tonight might be enough to get me through the next few days until North Carolina. I hope we don’t melt before then.

Start spreading the news. I’m bringing overalls back this fall.