#178 BBQ & sugar.

Today was our second BBQ fundraiser and dessert auction at the church and once again, it was a wild success. Every year at our past churches we’ve held this fundraiser to raise money for the youth trip to Lake Junaluska:
(Our little group from last year. This time, we’re taking 20 people. Can’t. Wait.)

We raised nearly $3,000 dollars in donations today which means we are coming in WAY under budget for trip expenses. Yay! It’s going to become a pre-4th of July tradition for as long as we are working with the youth, not for the fundraising but because the auction is so much fun for everyone involved. My tiramisu went for $60 to the Biglanes who ended up going home with 5 different cakes all for little Sophie’s birthday this week. I hope they didn’t let her have any close to bedtime…
(LOVING the look on Mickey and Misty’s faces when their 9 year old son made a $60 bid on a cake.)

(Earning that trip with some dish washing.)

We really missed two sweet faces who would have normally been there. The Meadors are home from the hospital, so I hope we’ll be seeing them soon. Our church family just isn’t the same without them.