#181 The Thomses.

By a happy accident, we had dinner tonight with the Thomses at McAlister’s. They’re this wonderful little family who took my art class in the spring. I got to know them a little then, when Mr. Dave was finishing his drawings in 5 minutes flat, Mrs. Judy was taking her time to get the colors right, and their son Dave was working his conte drawings like a professional. It’s always great to see them — so we were glad they invited us to their table after we placed our order. It turns out Mrs. Judy is a big fan of my mama’s writing, so we had plenty to talk about. Namely, the fact that I still sleep with my baby blanket (you read that right. every. night), as my mama so kindly declared in her book.

I’m so thankful for the friends we’ve made at church. It really is a community that I think everyone needs. A support system, another family to us — it’s way more than a church.