#2,008 Social Media Morale + The Thoms Wedding.

Two things happened in my social media-sphere (which everyone knows isn’t real life, but it sure makes you feel good when this sort of thing happens): Southern Living posted about our Old Try collaboration on their facebook page tonight. If you are a Southerner, you know the reverence this elicits cannot be overstated.

And Michael Kobold, James Gandolfini’s best friend, who retrieved his body from Rome after his death and made custom timepieces for the cast of The Sopranos, followed me on instagram today. As a huge James Gandolfini fan, the starstruck effect this had on me cannot be overstated.

In more important, real life news, our dear friend Dave, a beloved part of our supper club and Sunday school class, who is exactly one decade older than Ben (almost to the minute) married the love of his life today. He and Marcia found each other a little later in life and knew pretty much right away it was forever. This is their first (and only!) wedding, and the cheering crowd when the priest declared them husband and wife might as well have been a football game. Everyone just felt so overjoyed by their love for each other.

Marcia looked so beautiful and so elegant and so glowy—it made me want to cry. Incidentally, she was my sister-in-law Amanda’s babysitter as a child, so I’ve always had tender feelings toward her.

And Robby Scruggs photobombed us real good.

And they lived happily ever after.