#2,009 The Quirks.

Today after church, we went to my parents’ house with daddy’s favorite meal—Chinese takeout. It’s so out of character for a man like him, to love something that doesn’t involve cornmeal or turnips, but he craves the stuff. And that, like a lot of other things about my daddy, is one of those weird traits that I love.

He’s the most reserved man you’re liable to meet, unless you were to ask him to sing a Conway Twitty song, which he will happily do—no matter who is watching (acapella if he has to). Goodbye Time, if he gets to choose the song.

He doesn’t find much to be funny, except the Naked Gun movies, the Three Stooges and The Royal Tenenbaums.

He’s very committed to fitness—working out almost daily to maintain heart health and a strong body, but he never skimps on a good greasy burger or fried fish.

He isn’t impressed by status or wealth or celebrity in the least. If you want to impress him, talk to him about American history or theology, and know your stuff.

He doesn’t complain about much. He doesn’t care for air conditioning or technology, and he’d rather spend a day working in the cornfield than a day in an office.

He’s one of the first doctors of physical therapy in the state of Mississippi, but never uses the title “Dr.” when referring to himself.

To those who don’t know him well, he may seem a little stony and reserved. But to me, he’s a man who blushes when his daughter brags on him and hugs his neck, who would sway with her as a toddler and quietly sing My Girl to her. While I inherited my mama’s tender heart and creativity, I inherited every ounce of daddy’s quirkiness, I’m proud to say. The quirks are what a make a person memorable, right?

Happy Father’s Day, daddy. Even though I know you won’t read this. Technology, you know.

Also, enjoy this beautiful instagram post written by our friend Micah of Old Try. It made me cry this morning.