#2,015 Celebrating.

We spent the morning and afternoon celebrating the life of our friend Neal, even though it was hard to feel it when there’s such a huge hole in the hearts of everyone who loved and knew him. His family are such wonderful people, and they surely made him proud today—especially Allen, their son who is stepping up and taking care of his mama, loving and helping her, in the middle of crisis. What a good man he’s become. Just like his dad. So much growing up since he was one of our youth boys.

After a long, desperately needed nap, we walked right across the street to a reception celebrating our friends Daniel and Katie who were married recently and had the loveliest time.

It was a rainy rainy day and night, which led to a tent roof puddling with water until it was dangerously close to falling through on a table of guests, so good boy Ben who could reach the roof poured it off, but as he was pulling the straps tight again to prevent slack in the tent, another unseen roof puddle dumped a gallon of water right on his head.

So, still weary from the week we’ve had and ready for an early night at home, we walked back across the street in the rain and found a welcoming sight.

Here’s hoping the new week brings rejuvenation and energy.

Please keep praying for the Holifield family, if you think about it. I know they would appreciate it.