#2,020 Enjoy Laurel.

The slogan for Thursdays in our town is ‘Enjoy Laurel’ and today, we did exactly that. We didn’t miss anything! When we finished up our work around 4:30, we grabbed a tote bag and walked down to the butcher shop (for bacon and jerky) and then down the block to the farmer’s market:

While I was there I had my own little Sartorialist moment with this pretty girl in the cutest chambray skirt (from Urban Outfitters, she told me):

After an hour at the market spent socializing more than anything, we grabbed a quick dinner then headed to movie night to watch Back to the Future… Which was about 10 times more suspenseful than I remembered. My heart was beating out of my chest at the end—WILL GEORGE AND LORRAINE FALL IN LOVE?! WILL DOC PLUG IN THE CLOCK TOWER WIRE IN TIME?!

Mallorie had never seen it before tonight, y’all. Lucy saw it when she was almost 2, Mallorie was 29. Lucy and Big had another dance party to the Cupid Shuffle before the movie.

Great Scott!

I love this town. I really do.