#2,019 Stronger + Swap.

Today was a spectacularly great day for a lot of reasons.

1. Jim and I went together to visit Mammaw this morning. Lately she’s been pretty down in the dumps since she left the hospital, feeling like she “can’t” do this or that with her right side weakened, though we all know her body just suffered a pretty major ordeal with the stroke and hospital stay and it just takes a little more time when you’re 93 years old. Today, we didn’t hear “can’t” much. Because of “the therapy,” she told us she’s “doing good with it,” then…

I can only pray for such toughness and determination.

2. We thought the AC was dead as a doornail on the apartment side at the studio and would require a new unit and lots of money. Turns out, upon further inspection, the ground wire just got disconnected. Plugged it back in, ice cold.

3. Lucky Luxe had a very busy, very big day after a pretty slow June. Woo July!

4. We went out to my parents’ right in the middle of a cool front pushing through with its 70 degree breezes and dark clouds. They hung out on the breezeway with me and Ben while he washed my old Beetle…

So we could swap it out with my 2000 Beetle for the hottest summer months on the way. I had the realization tonight: I think the reason Ben and I choose old cars and old houses is because when loved and taken care of, they’re the closest we’ll ever get to a time machine.