#2,018 Ladies Who Lunch + Cleaned Up.

It’s been so so so SO long since I got together with my 3 closest friends from high school, but somehow the stars aligned so we could have lunch today on the eve of Kandace’s departure for China tomorrow. She and her family are going to bring Penny to the USA to her forever home, so she needed her fill of good crawfish pasta from Cafe La Fleur before embarking on the 3 week journey. Sara’s brand new baby girl, Baylor, joined us too.  Even though it’s been 12 years since Hope, Sara, Kandace and I were seniors in high school, we still agree on everything and it’s like we just had lunch yesterday.

Senior year Hick Day (Kandace, Karen, Courtney, Hope, Sara and me)

I’m pretty sure that means we’ll be friends until we’re grey haired.

In other news, Ben and Jesse spent 6 solid hours getting the woodshop cleaned up from all the building over the last 2 months. It looks like humans could work in there now.