#2,026 Apalachicola + St. George Island.

After breakfast in the inn’s dining room, we went out exploring Apalachicola in all its sleepy fishing village charmingness. There were countless shingle style homes that made my heart skip a beat.

A wonderful little independent bookstore:

Where I got Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple (I started reading it right away and I’m already 100% sucked in).
And In The Unlikely Event by Judy Blume.
We made a stop into one shop for French truffles, dark chocolate salted caramels and coffee.

And found a shop that sells vintage nautical things, like this mountain of old, ripped, faded and ragged nautical flags that I was instantly in love with:

We’re coming home with this one (anyone know what it means? Doesn’t appear to be from the nautical alphabet…):

And we reluctantly put this one back that reminded me of the California state flag:

We crossed the bridge from Apalachicola over to St. George Island to spend a little while by the sea:

Where we read until we fell asleep, then packed up, came back to the inn for showers then walked to dinner at the Owl Cafe where Ben had oysters (again!) and I had a roasted red pepper and garlic pasta:

And tomorrow, we’ll pack our bags and head on back home to little Laurel. Vacation is great, but I can’t wait to see my fat dogs and get to work on some exciting new things at our shop. Thanks for coming along on our summer vacation, friends. It’s fun having you here.