#2,032 Newsletter Friends + Long Walk.

We had a really great meeting with our website developer today to talk more about the plans and specifics of the future for our little online shops (little being the operative word here—we’re starting very small because that feels right for now), and I’m seriously, really, touched by how many of you signed up for the newsletter yesterday and today. I saw you popping up in the server and reading each one of you by name made me smile and feel like—these are my friends. These are my people. Even if I’ve never met you before, the fact that you apparently have a heart for the same things we do—figuring out your faith every day, loving the person God made to be your spouse, making a house feel like a home, and fully appreciating small town living, means that if we did meet, we’d surely be friends. I’m an introvert. Did you know that already? I think the traumatic growing up years of being unaccepted by other kids my age has manifested in my adult feelings of minor anxiety when presented with too much social activity, though I’ve learned how to act like an extravert to keep up with Ben, so this quiet journal where I can say what feels like enough is a balm for me. And the fact that you care about it means you must care a little about me, which means… We’re friends, right?

Also, it cannot be overstated how much a long walk and talk with Ben in the night air can do for mental clarity. It cleans out the spam folder, so to speak, and I’m thankful for that every day.

Oh! I forgot to tell you! Ben made an instagram for Scotsman Co. If you want to see his musings and the beginnings of a fledgling micro-business, you can find him at @scotsman.co.