#2,036 The Big Chill Dance Party.

She’s back! Mama is writing again and today her new column debuted in The Chronicle. I’m so proud and excited to see her back in her old routine!

Tonight, Ross and Laura invited us and the Razzles over to grill out.

With all fresh meats from The Knight Butcher. It was like our own little Brazillian steakhouse with all kinds of sampling. It’s crazy how people have been not just supporting our new little local butcher, but are like, CRAZY PEOPLE ABOUT HOW MUCH WE ALL LOVE IT. This is obviously not vegan country around here.

But the thing that matters about this dinner party was how it transpired into a dance party in the living room. Ross and Laura have a record player and a million old records like The Big Chill soundtrack which entertained us to no end. Big and Lucy are dance partners, ready to go on the road with a traveling show.