#2,035 Kare Bear the Problem Finder Solver.

So as you probably know by now, Ben and I are starting up two online shops this fall that are not custom invitations. Which presents its own set of logistical problems that I’ve not yet had the will or the fortitude to figure out. Thinking about the logisitics of inventory and fulfillment is the only piece of this exciting new puzzle that makes me feel like I’m staring directly into the sun. It’s too much, and I have to look away. It’s on my to-do list, but way down there, with things like “get Lasik surgery” and “make brick tracks to garage from driveway,” to be dealt with after all the fun has been had—like designing and making the products we’ll be selling.

Today mama dropped in randomly at the shop and helped me sort through a handkerchief order and fold some Scotsman t-shirts we just picked up from the print shop, and she asked, “So how’s it coming with figuring out your shipping and fulfillment for the new stores?” and I felt like throwing up.

I said, “Fine.. I’ll figure it all out sooner or later. We’ve got time.”

And she gets out a pen and my sketchpad and starts rattling off, in order, the process you go through when buying something online. “You’ll need an automated inventory system that generates a packing slip and shipping label. You’ll need a person to manage that daily, making sure things are being shipped and reordered when you’re running low. You’ll need…”

I began to realize: my mama is brilliant at finding the problems that need to be solved. I grabbed a pencil and made notes. By the time she breezed out to go to a tennis match or realtor luncheon or whatever, I had a list in hand with the 5 steps of our soon-to-be system written out. All I have to do is give it to our web development folks to solve and that’s that.

It’s all figured out.

Can we all agree that the wheels would completely fall off the world without mamas? She was my superhero today who took away this persistent worry after 10 minutes of brainstorming and note making. I love you the most, Kare Bear!