#2,034 Peachy.

I woke up early today so I could be at the studio while the eastern sun was rising because that is the exactly perfect time to photograph letterpress, the way our studio sits. I was bleary eyed with a Coke in hand, and started going through my vibrant colorboards to see what worked best with this new invitation suite. Turns out peach was just peachy.

Later, at mama’s house, I found a huge nearly-empty cardboard produce box of fresh peaches from Alabama, given to her by a friend. She had canned a million and made pies with a million more, and still had a dozen rolling around in the box and she told me to take some home.

I picked up one perfect, velvety peach and a paring knife, peeled it, sprinkled a dash of sugar on it (she taught me this to bring out the perfect flavor), then bit into it. It was tart and sweet and juicy and wonderful.

So I had another one.

The end.