#2,059 Cutting Board.

When we finally got home late tonight, I walked in the kitchen to find a little gift wrapped and waiting on the island. Another delightful surprise Ben had up his sleeve for my 30 day 30th.

He made me a cutting board from the 100 year old red oak scraps of a dinner table he built this summer since I can’t have the Elder’s Bench he’s finishing up. Even better, is that this wood has special meaning to us that I’ll explain in a post that’s coming eventually.

I discovered that he made a kind of jigsaw puzzle out of the wood and used dowel rods to lock it all into place. And then my mind was blown.

I oiled it and can’t stop looking at it. So proud of you, Big. What an artist you’ve become!

Mama gave me the coolest thing today, too. She’s always been serious about skincare and today she presented me with this fancy scrubby thing because “when you turn 30, it’s time to start taking extra good care of your skin.”

I just used it and I swear I feel like my face is glowier.