#2,064 Soup Week.

The high all week is going to be in the 80s and we’re expecting rain every day which means one thing: being delusional about the nearness of autumn and pretending it’s actually 60 degrees outside and eating soup every day.

Today I made two huge pots of soup: Tabella roasted tomato bisque and Annalee’s ranch stew.

P.S. I’m in love with the soup and cereal mug that Laura gave me. I use it daily, one way or another. Excited to offer it in our little shop when it opens later this year!

Jim and Mal have been routinely exposing almost 2-year old Lucy to Elvis music in an effort to properly indoctrinate her. Tonight, as a test, I hit play on Can’t Help Falling in Love, a song she’s never heard. I said, “Who is that, Lucy?” 

She said, “Ehvis.”

And that’s how you PARENT, people.