#2,070 Welcome to Mississippi.

I got a phone call this week from Malcolm, the director of tourism for the state of Mississippi, who asked if I would be interested in designing a new interior for the Mississippi welcome center that’s nearest to us an hour north in Meridian. He told me all about the bad curtains and rickety furniture. He didn’t mention how incredibly cool the building is with its brick walls and arched doorways and kitchen and areas that feel like living rooms. I felt so at home when I walked in and obviously all the visitors who were passing through did too. It was full of life and filled with people who were enjoying a really pleasant stop on their way. 

The moment we walked out of there I texted him and said “I’m in love. Put me in, coach!”
What ideas do y’all have? What should I do? I’m seeing great, cozy and cushy cognac colored worn leather sofas, club chairs, gallery walls and lots of lamps and rugs. It’s going to be so much fun!