#2,072 We Have An IHOP.


Small town news here tonight, folks.

Laurel, Mississippi finally got an IHOP!!

I don’t think I have to explain my over-the-top love for breakfast food in general and pancakes specifically, but let me tell you. I LOVE BREAKFAST. And it’s 24 hours, and that’s trouble. It’s bad trouble. Also, this is lame, but I said a prayer for whoever is the owner or manager or whatever at the 40 year old Shoney’s 10 ft. away because, man. They’ve got to be feeling nervous about the competition.

For any Laurelites who may be reading—there was a little wait, but the food was awesome. It’s nothing like the Hattiesburg IHOP, and you know what I mean if you’ve ever eaten there (YIKES).

A cute picture of two extremes: