#2,092 Alleigh + Friend Supper.

We walked to church this morning in the most gorgeous weather. Oh, I WISH you could’ve been there, friend.

Ben is an usher all month so that means I sit alone in church for the majority of the service if Jim and Mallorie don’t come. Since Mal and Lu are sick, I was right by my lonesome in our pew. Halfway through the first hymn I realized our music minister’s precious junior high daughter was sitting alone a few pews ahead of me. Her parents are both in the choir loft, and usually her older sister is there to sit with her, but not today. During the last stanza of the hymn, I slipped down the aisle and whispered to her that it would be so nice to not have to sit alone and asked if she would sit with me? And she did, and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy to have a friend. This is a wonderful girl, right here:

After church Ben and I took photos all afternoon and evening for an upcoming project…

And afterward we were 100% exhausted, but everyone was having a big pot roast dinner in honor of our first cold weather of the season on Josh and Emily’s back porch and we wouldn’t dare miss that. Please listen to this music and feel the 55 degree chill in the air and smell a wood burning fire with roasted marshmallows and taste a homemade roast with gravy and cornbread and feel like we did—like life comes in segments, and we needed to memorize every second of this delicious song before it goes on to the next track.