#2,091 Porch Visit + First Fall Football.

Today was the first real cold front of fall, with highs in the 70s, so when I went to visit Mammaw for lunch today we went out on the porch afterward to feel the breeze. She loved it so much, being in the sun and fall air.

I’m so thankful for her home there. She’s always taken care of so we never have to worry, and I honestly believe she’s happy there. This is an incredible blessing.

Afterward, we headed back out to my parents for the weekly football party on the porch, where it felt so very good outside…

And we were winning by a landslide…

And I might have just fallen asleep for a little while on Ben’s shoulder in the shady coolness of the wisteria.

Mama has tried everything to kill that plant because it takes over the whole porch, but I think that’s the best thing about it.