#2,090 Surprise Visitors + Birthday Supper.

When I was walking into the shop this morning, I heard two voices calling my name from the park across the street. Ben was dropping me off at the door on his way to the gym, and we turned and found two friends from years ago, when Ben was a youth minister at Oak Grove. Ms. Belinda Jo (BJ to her friends) is this softspoken, endlessly delightful ray of sunshine in all her creative wonder (she’s a writer and artist and actress) and her daughter, Jessie, our favorite bagpiper turned cowgirl who played Scotland the Brave (< click that to listen!) for our wedding recessional as we practically skipped out of the church. These two people make me grin from ear to ear at the mention of their names, and it’s been years since we hugged their necks. What a fantastic surprise!

They were picking up their Sweet Olive candles and we ended up having the best kind of lingering visit. I miss these two precious, crazy ladies! Ahhhh!

After work, we went over to my parents’ house for a (weird) birthday dinner (of Chinese food and steaks) for daddy and Ben whose birthdays are coming up on the 18th and 24th. This is seriously, really, the best picture I got of them together.

Oh, I always wondered why people try thing.

After dinner, we hung out on the porch and giggled and cooed over every single thing Walker said or did. He’s at the funnest age where he knows how to perform for us all.

“Who loves you, Walker?”

“Walker, show us your stance.”

“Sit like Uncle Big!”

“Get the last drop, buddy!”

I could go on all night, but I won’t bore you. Suffice it to say, this little person may never know how much he means to us all. Adoption is common, but it’s a miracle to our family.