#2,099 Recovery.

So, we got home from the game at 4:30 this morning. We weren’t in bed till 5. I haven’t gone to bed that late since college. My body knew this.

One thing I failed to mention in my VERY brief and bleary-eyed post done from my phone in the vehicle at 3:30 am is that about an hour before kickoff, Emily came down hard with the stomach virus Sam had the week before. And what would normally be a 2 hour drive became a 3.5 hour drive with many stops along the way. I was shaking like a leaf the whole way, clenching Ben’s hand, what with my extreme and totally irrational emetophobia (my friend Bekah will understand if she’s reading) that made me feel instantly nauseated while Josh lamented he wasn’t feeling good, either. In short, it was my scariest situation imaginable whilst Mal and Jim tried to keep the conversation light and daddy and uncle Dale sat on the back seat, scrolling through and comparing the ESPN game commentaries and analysis, totally unbothered (oblivious in their Ole Miss euphoria?) by the sounds of throwing up. I just sat there in the darkness shivering in the freezing cold AC, thinking about how many surfaces I had touched all day, and got more and more panicked.

I read online that drinking lots of 100% grape juice as soon as you’re exposed to the stomach virus will keep you from catching it because it stops the virus from living in your intestinal tract because of the pH levels or something, so I got busy chugging it at the first gas station we stopped at and Ben bought 3 gallons of it from Walmart the minute we got home at 4:30. When we finally came out of our sleep coma at noon today, aching all over from the hike to the nosebleed section of Bryant-Denny Stadium, I made us a tiny sickness prevention/preparedness lunch.

I figure it’ll help to eat fruit and juice, and if things suddenly go south, this shouldn’t be too unpleasant, right? These are the thoughts of a paranoid person who is deathly afraid.

Then we did absolutely nothing all day. Just didn’t have the energy. It was glorious and luxurious to do this:

This year’s October issue of Southern Living is so divine, I’ll be keeping it forever.

And so far, we’re still in good shape. I’ll keep you posted on the results of our grape juice experiment in the next couple days. Fingers crossed that tomorrow’s post is not titled “Recovery Day 2.”