#2,101 Blooming + No Humidity.

The sweet smell of sweet olive is all over town again, y’all! It’s blooming! And this morning while visiting Mammaw I snapped a twig off the tree to bring home and compare to the candle.

I don’t know how they could’ve gotten any closer! And it just makes me want to think of other smells we can duplicate in wax and wick form. Dryer Vent, anybody?!

Also—it cannot be overstated how very special it is to experience a low-humidity day in south Mississippi. I’ve got these dry little “baby hairs” as we call them, right at my hair line where my bangs part to the left that I have to fight and struggle with every day to not look like a 5th grader who took scissors to her own hair. Most days, I fail. Today, my hair acted like it had some sense and did the right the thing for once.

In this picture you can so easily see my Karen eye and my Phil eye. Can you guess which is which? I’m super asymmetrical!