#2,111 Maple Day.

When I woke up today, the floor felt cold. IT FELT COLD. Ben was gone doing radio interviews as the lumberjack all morning, and I was making breakfast in my double lined flannel robe and slippers with the windows open, shivering because it was only 60 degrees out and cloudy. In short, the absolutely perfect 100% ideal weather. I don’t know if my breakfast was just as excited about it as I was, but something had the house smelling like maple in a way that lingered and made me excited to go take a long walk then go straight to work. The sun never came out, the wind blew, the windows stayed open, and I couldn’t wait to leave the shop to be out in it again, pulling my huge Ole Miss sweatshirt close around me for the walk back home.

Finally, after work I took a shower and put on something warm and cozy to go out for breakfast-supper.

 Where Lucy was so excited to see Uncle Big and tell us about seeing Ariel at Disney World.

And finally, a brisk walk with the pups who were SO excited to get out in the weather too.