#2,112 The Coldest Loblolly.

Never in the history of Loblolly Festivals have we ever had such cold weather—and it was FANTASTIC! The sun never came through the clouds, so I didn’t take any gorgeous pictures like in years past (see here, here, and here), but I did what I could with the 2 MB of memory left ony my sad little iPhone. Like, for instance, John Walker’s second Loblolly, where his uncle Ben is the mascot:

Plaid Scarf Coalition!

The crowd buying all the handmade goodness:

Me following around Mr. Loblolly whose job was to have his picture taken all day:

Corn dogs! Funnel cakes!

Caramel apple cider + whipped cream and caramel!

Pictures with the butcher!

My favorite college gals, Mary Hannah, Lindsay and Kay:

And Michael, our favorite tintype artist who made his annual trek to visit and take portraits all day:

Including our first-ever successful portrait together:

Followed by the weekly Ole Miss watch party at my parents’ which was an incredibly dismal upset loss to Florida, but it didn’t dampen our spirits because ranch stew! Fire pit! Pumpkin pie!

Then we finished our night on Jim and Mal’s patio with our buddy Austin who’s in town from Jackson for the weekend, where Ben built a fire that got so completely out of control we couldn’t actually sit near it for fear of being set afire.

Good times.