#2,113 Surprise + Plein Air Supper.

After a nap this afternoon, I went over to the studio to get a head start on work I’ve got to finish up tomorrow and I came home to find sweet Ben wanted to surprise me and deep clean the kitchen. And deep clean he did.

I’ve literally never moved out all the furniture to clean. NEVER.

And then for dinner, we had the most incredible night under the stars in Josh and Emily’s kitchen courtyard. Wrapped in sweaters with 1940s French jazz that felt like the soundtrack to a Nancy Meyers movie playing quietly through the open kitchen windows, we had Em’s homemade spaghetti and meatballs beside the fire. Her kitchen feels like a Williams Sonoma display, which puts it at the top of my list of favorite kitchens ever.

There were some tall tales told from our college days and sweet babies sitting like little grown ups, pulling on the dog’s ears as she’d saunter by in search of garlic bread crumbs.

And on nights like this, I wish that autumn was unending. Well, every night, actually.