#2,146 Big Magic + Rainy Day.

Last night on our book store date night I picked up Big Magic at the urging of our friend Kelly. I started reading at bedtime and it turns out that might have been a mistake because it made me feel so fired up and excited it was hard to stop reading and hard to put it down and get sleepy. For those of you interested in a life that means more than going to a job, coming home, sleeping and doing it over again the next day, this book will light a fire inside you. I’ve only read a couple chapters so far, but I think it’s the book I wish I could write—about finding the things, people, activities in life that give you real joy, the scratch for that itch we’re all born with to find the treasure that God planted inside each one of us, then DOING something about it. If you’ve been living on autopilot, you must get this book. It’s not about being a creative professional for a living. It’s about finding the thing that makes you YOU. You weren’t meant to be scared and boring. You were meant to live!

We spent the rainy, cool day outside. Walking the pups, watching Ole Miss just BARELY lose to Arkansas in a heartbreaker overtime.

Oh well. We’ll get em next year!