#2,145 Hot Decorating + Book Date Night.

Today the decals came in for installation at Southern Antiques and the neighborhood handyman was there in a flash to get it done. Somehow it’s hard to really feel the Christmas cheer when it’s a scorching 85 degrees in the midday sun, but it was worth the sweat to see it finished:

Andrea made the right call going with gold. Super readable and perfect for the rest of the displays!

After work, Ben and I snuck off on a little date night to the nearest Books A Million and Italian at Tabella. No surprise there, I found books I don’t think I can live without:

This one was expensive, so I’m putting it on my Christmas list. Santa, if you’re reading. Take note.

But this one came home with me. So gorgeous and all the very style I want so badly to have.

In lumberjack news, things got dicey when the competition snuck up within 300 votes after a 600 vote lead. We put out the APB on all our social media and it put him back in the lead by 1,000!

We can’t thank you enough for humoring us in this silly contest! If you haven’t voted today and would like to help, just click here and scroll down to the checkbox by Ben’s picture. I just love y’all, friends.